03 February 2012

About this blog

written by: Don

There are many websites and blogs about photography out there so why did I start my own? Here are a couple of facts you should know when reading my blog.

Before we get started, lets clear this up straight away. This is what this photography blog is:

  • It is a constant work in progress;
  • It is a collection of methods and little tricks I use for shooting and for post-processing;
  • It is not limited to any certain branch of photography, even though I so far have focused on landscape photography (I do have the ambition to go well beyond that...);
  • Above all, it is an open forum for discussion and exchange among enthusiasts.

In a nutshell, this blog is for sharing everything about photography, from the actual photos to the technique behind, from the cold-blood planning to all the emotions involved.

With that in mind, I hope you will enjoy the articles that will hopefully become numerous through the years to come. I will try to cover most of the topics related to photography, as and when I make my personal experience with those topics. Alas, the one thing you won't get here are reviews of camera equipments! That due to budget constraint, obviously :-)

What sort of photographer am I?

A few words on my background as a photographer:

It is hard to pin down when I have discovered my interest for photography because as far as I can recall, I have always enjoyed taking pictures, albeit only with a point & shoot. For all I knew, the outcome were't always great, but there were a couple of decent shots here and there. To some extent that was due to the framing, and to some extent, it was just luck - because I certainly did not understand what makes a good picture back then.

However, I can remember three distinct events that have prompted me to think that maybe I should look more deeply into this:

  1. When we got married in 2008 and went on Honeymoon to South Africa and Mozambique. I took loads of pictures with our old analogue (!) SLR, half convinced that most of the shots were alright. When we got the prints in the end, I was actually rather disappointed, because most of them were not anywhere near what I wanted them to be.
  2. Then we received the DVD from our wedding photographer and the pictures were amazing! And I went like "how the heck did he do that??
  3. Then, a year later in 2009, we went to Rome and visited the Trevi Fountain, as you would in Rome. There, Birgit suggested that we should take a photo in a way that the water would come across 'smoothed out'. So I went "how the heck do you do that?"

The last of the three was pretty much the moment the bug bit me. So when I received a Panasonic Lumix FZ38 camera as a birthday gift shortly after, that was when I started photographing seriously. It is a bridge camera, with a fixed lens mounted and a relatively constraining set of apertures (the smallest being f/8.0 - but never mind, because back then, I did not even have a clue about what apertures or shutter speeds are!) The good thing about this camera was that it came with the semi-automatic and manual programs, i.e. the Av, Tv and M modes. Determined to finally get a grip on all the camera functions, I went out and start to photography anything I could find - with some half-decent results. My main focus has been on landscape photography, and I was especially happy with the pictures I have shot in Brazil and along the Amalfi Coast. However, soon after, the bridge's limitations were starting to show and hinder my progress, especially the fixed lens and the limited variety of apertures, so I turned my attention to proper SLR cameras. The Canon EOS 550D opened up a whole new world of photography to me, as you can imagine. Along with it came the need for a better tripod, better lenses, better filters etc. All the more recent photos you can find on this website are taken with the 550D. It has been doing a fine job so far, but again, I am starting to feel its limitations, especially in respect of the sensor size. So naturally, I have started to consider moving on to the Canon EOS 5D... but thats a completely different story. :-)

This blog

So as of now, I would consider myself an enthusiast-amateur, still fairly inexperienced, but with some level of insights into some area of photography technique. The intension of this blog is to document my ventures into different areas of photography, to share my experience with you and to provide a platform for exchanging our knowledge. I hope that you like what this site has to offer and that you will find it a useful resource.

Have fun and happy shooting!




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